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Various compilations, promo videos, blues, tribute bands... and a drum solo

Adjacent web pages have individual song performances

Deep Purple tribute band promo video

  InDeepPurple complilation 2015


Smokin' Boston tribute band v4.0

A short compilation of a live show in Los Angeles. This was the last configuration of this tribute. The vocalist David Victor became the lead vocalist for Boston.

Grand Illusion - Styx tribute band compilation

Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers tribute band compilation

Timebomb promo video

A Promo video for TimeBomb. A classic rock,pop,new wave and disco tribute to the best music from the years 1975-1985


2012 Ventura County Blues Society Band Challenge at The High Street Arts Center, Moorpark CA

Wandering Johnsons 

Rocking Blues band compilation 2016


Ron Henderson drum solo with Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers tribute) at a performance in Los Angeles, CA




Smokin' Boston Tribute v3.0


A show in Washington DC in 2002. This specific video is of a medley of several extracurricular cover songs from bands like Toto, Van Halen, Styx, Foreigner, Journey... sandwiched in the middle of the song Rock & Roll Band. This specific medley was created for the promoter of the show as a demo for him using extra visual media.



Blu Cats at Whiskey
2019 Playing Hammer to Fall by Queen

Microphone Heroes 

Looking Glass Singer/Composer of Brandy sings hit song with band

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