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Ron's joining forces with Backtrax

First gig at  The Sagebrush Friday June 7


Ron will be performing with the 7 piece cover band Backtrax. Backtrax is a strong cover band based in Los Angeles, fronted by two female vocalists. The material ranges from Contemporary R&B to Classic Rock. First performance is at the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas June 7.

Timebomb Blows Up

I hate when that happens...


Unfortunately, the band Ron's been working with over the past few months, Timebomb, has gone sideways. Good guys, good players, and Ron wishes everybody good luck on their future musical ventures.



Still Subbing Away... Amongst Other Things

Always good to be playing


Ron's still out subbing for bands, when their drummers can do the gig (for whatever reasons). Ron works a fair amount with Masters of the Past. Good guys, and good material. Very 60s-70s oriented. They work a lot, and people like them.

You never know when I call might come in for a blues, rock, or Jazz gig. It's all good...


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